Tech Write-ups and Product Reviews

Another cheap and easy rattlecan option for painting your jeep.
(posted 7/19/15)

Here's some heim joint tech comparing two popular rod ends. I show some critical differences that may affect how long your heims last.
(posted 2/9/15)

Project Rubicon v2.0 is complete! From axle swaps, 4-link with coilovers, an Atlas, 37" tires, and more, this was a major rebuild.
(posted 9/22/13)

Product Review:
Boa Extreme Front Bumper by Olympic 4x4 Products
(posted 5/9/12)

This write-up shows how I designed my cage which is a hybrid exo-cage, meaning part of it is interior and part of it exterior. This write-up also includes inner fender trimming and tube doors.
(posted 3/28/10)

Desert Tan Paint Job
Rattle-can paint jobs can look good! From bodywork to paint prep, this article shows you how to do it. The ultimate budget paint job.
(posted 5/30/09)

Relocate your air intake and filter to the cowl! A true "cold air intake" that is an alternative to a snorkle that still protects the intake from deep water.
(posted 3/28/09)

I made these custom shackle boxes to improve my shackle angles.
(posted 6/24/08)

Time to beef it up! This includes frame stiffeners, Treks Y-link long-arms, 2x6 rocker replacements and more. Note: this is an off-site link posted to discussion board.
(posted 3/31/08)

Product Review:
FloMax 300 Fuel Filter / Water Separator by Ramco Performance Manufacturing
(posted 1/19/08)

Changing a non-winch bumper into a winch bumper. Also includes in-cab winch control, moving the winch solenoid under the hood, and HD battery cable upgrade.
(posted 4/8/07)

Evolution of Lower Quarter Panels
and adding real corner protection
(posted 8/11/06)

On Board Air. My OBA set-up for running air lockers and filling tires using a Viair electric compressor.
(posted 7/15/04)

LeBaron Hood Vents
(posted 4/30/03)

Building a Storage Platform
(posted 8/8/02)

A review of the RE 4.5" lift, SYE, and 31" tires.
(posted 2/27/02)